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We provide extensive data analysis and research. We follow a scientific way of testing the systems and provide the best possible solutions according to your needs. We backtest clients ideas also and provide ways to optimize their operations.


We hold the client's hand right from conceptualization to demand fulfilment and beyond.

Win Win

Our primary aim is to have a win win arrangement to ensure that the client wins first.

Algo Desk

  • Conceptualization of algo trading desk. Helping clients in developing strategies as per clients demand and risk appetite.
  • Software coding and back testing strategies for clients.
  • Optimization of strategies for clients.
  • Anticipation and hand holding clients from pit falls.
  • Outsourcing of trading software as per the requirement.
  • Advising on hardware and networking equipment.
  • Advising on trading systems, risk management policies.
  • SOP of Algo trading desk.


Marketing data processing helps client to understand the mode of marketing that impacts the sales most. It also helps in understanding the customer and their behavior.

TraBot 1.0

Algo trading based on computer aided logics have proven to perform consistently in stock market. TraBot is a swing trading system that generates buy sell signals based on algorithm. It’s simplified to avoid over trading and generates limited calls. Kindly take benefit of free trial. Trial is for you to understand the system and its working, before you may subscribe. We have also provided the back tested results below.

Upgrade to premium plan:

  • Price: Rs 4,999/- Per Month.
  • Pay at PayTm number : 9152766657
  • Once payment is done confirmation will be provided to you.

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About Us

We are a team of experienced Data Scientists. We have developed strategies for leading software companies. We have tested and provided solutions to many companies, Businesses and organizations to improve their logics performance in markets. Customers trust is what drives us — having worked with leading financial institutions of the world and gained their confidence over the years. We believe the future growth in any Sector will be due to Artificial Intelligence and implementing Artificial Intelligence will give a gist of what the future holds for new-age Technologies. Today, AI positively impacts people, businesses and organizations globally and Raw AIgo wants to be the capable AI engine of the world.

Contact Us:

                        For any information kindly call us or email us on the following contact details.       E MAIL: info@rawalgo.com   CALL: 9152766657.